Using paypal payment option in Prestashop inside an iframe

If you have followed my previous Prestashop Inside Joomla, iframe with autoheight cross domains, you know how to have Prestashop in an iframe on your joomla website.

However Paypal prevents payment from within iframes (foor good security reasons), so you might think that's it is impossible to use that payment option. Rest assured it is not.

The trick is to get out of the iframe, just before reaching Paypal payment page.

Prestashop Inside Joomla, iframe with autoheight cross domains

I'll leave in the middle if it's a good idea or not to use an iframe to "incorporate" your Prestashop inside your Joomla website. But is it technically possible (and to have it auto adjust the height, also from remote domain)? Absolutely (If and only if you have access to both pages). Here one way how you can do it:

1.    First we need to grab two files from Github: . We are interested in those files:


ChronoForms V5 - Joomla Registration - External DB

Have you ever needed a registration form for your Joomla website were you needed some information to be stored in an external Database? There is a great solution for this, and it's called ChronoForms.
You can grab a copy of this component here: , best thing about it? It's Free.

Now I'm not going to talk about the installation or such of the component, they are enough guides around for that.
But here is a tutorial to create a registration form for Joomla, with some fields were you need the data stored in an external DB.

Pixabay - free photos and more...

When creating websites you have several solutions to obtain and use pictures. You can take them yourself with your phone, you can hire a professional photographer, you can even go on well known on-line repositories and buy them. There is an additional solution, you can use websites that offers pictures for free. I'm specially fond of Pixabay, i feel their search is very intuitive and accurate. The amount of pictures available is over 330 000 which will cover most of user needs.

Be sure to take a look at it:


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